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ILYAS GU10 8W Dim beam 20° with dimmer / free-standing

ILYAS GU10 8W Dim beam 20° with dimmer / free-standing

Spotlight ILYAS GU10 to pose 8W Dimmable 20° with cord and switch + a 180 cm extension with power dimmer.
This projector with a modern and refined design can be oriented upwards and downwards. The ILYAS GU10 has a powerful variable luminous flux with a narrow beam angle of 10°. Entirely in aluminum, this projector will create a luminous effect, illuminate a painting or any decorative object - from a piece of furniture, a console, shelf or even on the floor. Beautiful finish, discreet and powerful with warm colors and narrow beam.

Accepts any dimmable GU10 bulb, cooling is optimal thanks to its long cylinder allowing the bulb to be placed recessed, which produces an anti-glare effect. Its base is very stable.

Pleasant ambient light due to its warm illumination, suitable for eye comfort. This is optional depending on the utility:


- 2700K: Warm white, similar to halogens.

- 3000K: Warm white, a little more dynamic.

- 4000K: Neutral white.

- Ra80 and Ra90 are the color renditions. Ra90 is therefore higher, but it slightly decreases the power of the LED.


For lighting a work up close, in a situation where the spotlight is on a chest of drawers just below the painting, we recommend an angle of 20°, unless the object to be lit is small, or if you wish highlight only part of the painting, for example a face or a sunset... For a slightly further lighting distance,  use the 10° angle. See the photos to help you choose the bulb.



    POWERFUL :8W Dimmable / 680lm / 780lm / 860lm

    CRI/CRI Color rendering:Ra90

    CCT : 2700/3000K/4000K/6500K

    BEAM ANGLE:20°

    TENSION :200-240V. 50/60Hz

    Lifetime: 30,000 hours


    DIMENSIONS: D5.5X L 16cm XH 18 to 23 cm

    BASIC DIMENSIONS:13 x 13cm

    WEIGHT :  955 gr /IP20/CE ROSH
    MATERIAL :Aluminum / Black / White

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