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ILYAS GU10: Single-phase / Three-phase track

ILYAS GU10: Single-phase / Three-phase track

SPOT LED GU10 (bulb not included)

Adaptable to single-phase or three-phase track.

The length of the body (cylinder) of the ILYAS GU10 spotlight allows the bulb to be slightly recessed (which improves the anti-glare effect), and also to accept new connected bulbs longer than the size GU10 standard.

Small discreet and scalable spot, solid and practical. Bulb replacement is easy.

:: You can choose the bulb on our site if you want to illuminate a work of art, a decorative object, or create special light thanks to the narrow beam angles, powerful fluxes and superior color rendering that we offer.


    ROTATE: 355° / Tilt: 90°
    VOLTAGE: 100-250V. 50/60Hz
    DIMENSIONS: D 55 X 100 X 130 to 160 mm
    Single-phase BASE WIDTH: 15 mm
    Three-phase BASE WIDTH: 14 mm
    DIMENSIONS Bulb: D 50 X 55 to 78 mm
    WEIGHT:  / IP20 / CE ROSH
    MATERIAL: Aluminum / White & Black
    *White spotlight with 3-phase base: available January 2023

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