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GU10 5W beam 2° Ra80

GU10 5W beam 2° Ra80

:: LED spotlight GU10 5W 2°. This GU10 5W bulb very narrow angle of 2° (not dimmable) with its high brightness chip allows a concentrated power on its narrow - precise flux. The maintenance of lumens in the stream is amazing, excellent rendering without halo. This GU10 is a new benchmark. See photos up to 12 meters away. Intended to illuminate a decorative object, a painting or a detail in it, a sculpture, a watch, a jewel, or to apply a particular luminous effect in your interior thanks to its very narrow angle. En interior decoration, the light effects of narrow beams create a special atmosphere. The lighting of a room with a contemporary design, a bedroom or an entrance, loft, building entrance, hotel suites and corridors, house facade...

For your ceiling, table or track spot, an amazing LED bulb. Exhibition halls and art gallery, shop, churches and museums. Lighting heat from very warm white 2700K to very cold white 6500K. Used in art gallery 15h/day.


:: Difference between the 2° and 3° models : the 2° bulb has a CREE Ra80 chip which allows a very slightly narrower and more powerful flow than the 3° which is in Ra90 . For lighting with the tightest possible flux diameter and beyond 5 or 6 meters, choose without hesitation the CREE 2° which is more efficient. The 3° bulb will be interesting with its higher color rendering. See photos for information on flow diameters.

Note: these GU10 2° and 3° bulbs do not yet have the possibility of being dimmable (variable intensity).


Model # GU10C5W2

Lighting heat: 2700K to 6500K

Flow angle: 2°

Power: Ra80: 320lm

Light source: 2° CREE

Basis: GU10

Color rendering (CRI): >Ra80

Voltage: 85-256 V. / 50/60Hz

Operating temperature:   -20°C / +45°C

CE, ROHS certified

Lifetime: 30,000 hours

DimensionsRa80: Φ D 50 XL 59mm

Weight: 54g

Material: Cold forged aluminum

5W 2° 2700K stock renewal at the end of December

  • Détails techniques

    : : Modèle # GC5W427 / GC5W43 / GC5W44
    Chaleur d'éclairage : 2700K, 3000K, 4000K
    Angle du flux : 4°
    Puissance : 320 lm
    Source de lumière : CREE
    Base : GU10
    Rendu des couleurs (CRI) : >Ra80
    Tension : 85-256 V. / 50/60Hz
    Température d'utilisation :   -20 °C / +45 °C
    Certifié CE, ROHS
    Durée de vie : 30 000 h
    Dimensions Ra80 : Φ D 50 X L 59 mm
    Poids : 54 gr
    Matériel : Aluminium forgé à froid

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