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Rien à fixer : : Plug & Play  /  Angle de faisceau étroit : : Focus ajustable

We post photos with the projectors in situations to help you choose the right model.
Contact us for details.

These table lamps are also suitable for lighting a corner of a room, creating a luminous effect on a wall, exposed beams, a large plant and indoor tree. Placed on the ground or on a piece of furniture, they provide lighting from below. The new ILYAS GU10 table spot has been designed to also illuminate from above downwards.

In an office, study or meeting room, they will provide ideal additional lighting to create a warm atmosphere. In a shop, these spotlights will make it possible to illuminate items in a window, to highlight products or works of art.

Dimmable  =  Power ~ variable intensity. To adjust the power of a dimmable spotlight (or bulb), a dimmer is required. A 'dimmable' spotlight or bulb works on a conventional installation - with or without a dimmer. A non-dimmable spotlight or bulb malfunctions on a line with a power dimmer.

The mentions 2°, 4°, 10° to 24°, Focus adjustable 10°-50° and 15°-60°… refer to the beam angles of the luminous flux of the bulb/spot. The beam angles of classic retail bulbs have wide angles from 36° to 120°. We favor narrow beam angles to create concentrated and therefore interesting light effects for works of art and objects, for the indirect lighting of a space, and any desired decorative effect.

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