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GU10 8W Dimmable Beam 20° Ra80/90

GU10 8W Dimmable Beam 20° Ra80/90

:: GU10 8W Epistar 20° Dimmable LED spotlight - This GU10 8W Dimmable LED EPISTAR narrow angle 20° bulb (high brightness chip - High brightness) Ra80: 2700K and 3000K: 800 lumen / 4000K: 900lm / 6500K: 980 lm, is very powerful and can replace a 50W dichroic halogen bulb intended to illuminate a decorative object or apply a particular lighting effect in your interior thanks to its narrow angle. Also available with higher color rendering (Ra90), it nevertheless loses 120lm but remains very powerful. In interior decoration, the light effects of narrow beams create a special atmosphere. The lighting of a room with a contemporary design, a bedroom or an entrance, loft, building entrance, suites and hotel corridors... For your ceiling & track spotlight, a clamp lamp, a GU10 LED bulb to illuminate a painting, sculpture or other decorative element. Jewelry store, hair salon, art gallery and boutique. The choice of professionals. Used in art gallery 15h/day. Use for lighting a work of art: GU10 8W bulbs are efficient when used between 30 and 200 cm away from the center of the painting, and a possibility up to 3 to 4 meters.


:: Flow diameter:

150cm: 40 to 45cm

3 meters: 85 cm

4 meters: 120 cm


For more power (from 250 cm to 4 meters), use two coupled 8W 10° bulbs. For lighting a work up close, in a situation where the spotlight is on a chest of drawers just below the painting, we recommend this angle of 20°, unless the object to be lit is small, or if you want to put highlight only part of the painting, for example a face or a sunset...

  • Détails techniques

    Modèle # GU10E8WD20
    Chaleur d'éclairage : Blanc chaud 2700 / 3000K / 4000K / 6500K
    Angle du flux : 20°
    Puissance Ra80 : 800 / 900 / 980 lm Dimmable
    Puissance Ra90 : 680 / 780 / 860 lm Dimmable
    Source de lumière : Epistar (High brightness)
    Base : GU10
    Rendu des couleurs (CRI) : >80Ra / Ra90
    Tension : 200-240 V. / 50/60Hz
    Certifié CE, ROHS
    Durée de vie : 30 000 h
    Température d'utilisation :   -20 °C / +45 °C
    Dimensions : Φ50 X L 58 mm / Poids : 75 gr
    Matériel : Aluminium Blanc

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