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ILYAS 30W Dim CCT RF 15° / recessed

ILYAS 30W Dim CCT RF 15° / recessed

30W LED spot 15° Multifunction: the intensity of the light, as well as the lighting heat are variable remotely by the remote control from warm white (2700K) to cold white (5700K) . This new type of projector from the ILYAS series with its LED optics from the great brand EPISTAR, offers a chromatic index (CRI) Ra> 90 which provides unique illumination for paintings and highlighting concrete decorative elements. Its variable high-power luminous flux makes it possible to illuminate a work from a lighting distance of 1 to 5 meters. For example, at  three meters lighting distance, the flux diameter will be about 100cm/1 meter. See photos and video below.

Plug and Play / Connect and use.

For each spot that we test before sending out, the remote control is charged with batteries, and we program it with the projector. However, this remote control can be adjusted to your liking, and can control several spotlights or different groups of spotlights. For an installation with several ILYAS projectors in the same room, you can therefore use a single remote control, or one remote control per spotlight. You can associate as many ILYAS projectors as you want with a remote control / use one remote control per projector / create lighting groups...


    POWER: 30W -  2,500 lm / 300mA
    FLUX: Adjustable from 2700K to 5700K / 15° beam angle
    ROTATE: 355° / Tilt: 90°
    VOLTAGE: 220-240V.  / 50/60Hz
    LIFETIME: 50,000 hours
    DIMENSIONS: D 95 X H 115 - 140 mm
    BASE: recessed (Internal D 60 mm/ External 85 mm)
    CUTTING DIMENSIONS: Φ 75 to 85 mm
    WEIGHT: 900 g / IP20 / CE ROSH
    MATERIAL: Aluminum / White / Black

  • Technical details

    Important note: connecting this ILYAS Dimmable 1-10v spot to an electrical network with another dimmer already installed (or home automation with dimmer) damages this projector which is designed with an internal power dimmer. The presence of another halogen-type spotlight (The transformer of a halogen spotlight is not stable) on the same power line will also cause a malfunction of the internal dimmer of the 1-10v LED spotlight which will remain at full power. This product is therefore to be used on a conventional line – without a dimmer, and without an old halogen projector (out of warranty).

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